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This MERN stack application followed the same concept as the Tradespeople Near Me but was implemented using Mongo DB, Express.js, React and Node.js. The idea of this project was to compare technologies in the view to creating the most responsive and reliable application possible. React operates with a virtual DOM being displayed to the user, meaning only the necessary components are loaded onto the user's screen as opposed to the entire page being loaded with most popular technologies such as HTML, JavaScript & Php. This learning curve coupled with a short time period makes it less comprehensive project when compared to others.

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This MERN stack project was similar to many other assignments in university where we given a short time period to design and develop a full stack application. The steep learning curve associated with these technologies made the project challenging for development but I feel this will stand to me in the long term as I develop further projects using React such as the upcoming Smart Business Card App. Bearing this mind, I am very happy with the final product.