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The idea of owning my own resume website came about near the end of college in 2020. I have worked on numerous projects during and outside of college in the last four years and I decided that I wanted somewhere to showcase my work so that it can easily shared with others. There are existing applications for sharing work such as GitHub but I wanted one central location for sharing each project description, code & demo. I've continued to add to numerous side projects since gaining industry experience.

The front-end of this application was developed using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, while the hosting was configured manually using Docker as the packaging software, Digital Ocean as the cloud provider and Nginx as the SSL cert provider.

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I will be continuously adding to this resume website as I further enhance my skills. For this reason, it is hard to evaluate the end product. I have achieved what I set out to in the sense that I successfully developed the front-end of the website to include areas such as skills, projects and education while being compatible with any device. I also manually obtained the site's SSL cert before deploying it using Docker and Digital Ocean. Overall I'm quite happy with the current website but I feel there is room for improvement. This includes additional sections for areas such as a certifications and security. These sections will be added later this year.